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    The CHEFOMA Spicy crispy adopts traditional Chinese food technology, 3 minutes constant temperature frying, fast deoiling and greasy, heat packaging, multi-process elaborate production, the process of production retains the flavor of rice, the taste is crisp and refreshing, long time eating is not greasy, restore the taste of childhood. The crispy taste is worth the aftertaste. Experience better m...


    CHEFOMA spicy Twist is atraditional dish in northern China. A crisp filling containing osmanthus, min ginger, melon and other special ingredients is sandwicked between white strips and forest strips, so that the fried twist flowers are soft and sweet and distinctive. The mixed stuffed hemp flowers are fragrant, crisp, crisp and sweet, and will not go stale, soft or bad when placed in a dry and ven...
  • Nutrition salima egg cake bar

    Nutrition salima egg cake bar

    Salima Bar is a 600-year-old Chinese delicious food, made from eggs, flour, sugar and other natural ingredients. Without adding a drop of water, the original flavor of the ingredients is retained....