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Hangzhou Chief Technology Co., Ltd.


Our Logo

The icon of the Hangzhou chief Technology is derived from the national treasure "China's First Lonng" more than 6000 years ago. Its powerful galloping shape makes people feel the magical power of lonng traveling through space and omnipotent. The lonng is the soul of the Chinese nation's spirit, and the surging, fearless lonng is the spiritual symbol of the Hangzhou chief Technology. The logo visually integrates the first Chinese lonng and the first and last letters C and F of the chief. Like a giant lonng about to emerge from the water, it is vigorous and rising, showing Chief’s five thousand years of rooted Chinese culture, combined with high technology, and strive to become a modern multinational group.

Chief Culture

Our mission

Let every employee, customer, shareholder and business partner of Chief live a better life.

Our vision

Promote the industrialization process of developing countries with Chinese intelligence.

Our strategy

Localization,Platformization, branding,channelization.

Core value: Kindness, Mutualism, Self-discipline, Innovation, Integrity.

● Kindness: The public, the society, mutual development.

● Mutualism: Benefit customer, benefit ourselves, sharing together.

● Self-discipline: Self-discipline, self-contribution, complying with rules.

● Innovation: Never stop to learn and expand.

● Integrity: Treat people sincerely, keep commitment strongly.

About Chief Group

In 2003, chief Group 's predecessor, Mali CONFO Co., Ltd., was founded in Africa. It was a council member of the China-Africa Chamber of Commerce. Its business currently spreads to more than 30 countries and regions in the world. Besides, it has subsidiaries in more than ten countries in Africa and Southeast Asia.

Based on traditional Chinese culture, chief Group 's predecessor 's regards sustainable development as the premise and aims to bring cheap and fine products to consumers. It has R&D institutions and production bases in many parts of the world, introducing excellent technology and management experience of China into local areas and developing together with local people. At present, the BOXER and PAPOO series of household chemicals produced by its subsidiary Boxer Industrial, CONFO and PROPRE series of health products produced by CONFO, OOOLALA, SALIMA and CHEFOMA series of delicacies produced by Ooolala Food Industry have become well-known local brands.

Remaining true to the original aspiration while being filled with love, chief Group established the chief Group Charitable Funds and set up chief Group scholarships in some colleges and universities to give back to the society with love.

CONFO Group represents strength and courage, and it carries the spirit of never yielding and never giving up of the Chinese nation. We will inherit the spirit of “Kungfu” and devote ourselves to promoting the industrialization process of developing countries with Chinese culture and advanced productivity, and will work hard for the health and beauty of people all over the world.

Our Headquarters


Our Advantage

Team (5)

Professional management team

20 years’ experience in international brand operation and management.

Team (5)

Vast product group

More than 20 patents, 4 mature brands renowned in the international market, trademark and patent registration have been completed in more than 100 countries and regions.

Team (5)

Stable product quality

Advanced production technology, strict product inspection and professional supplier audit system provide a guarantee for production of high-quality products.

Team (5)

Perfect product service

It has 15 direct sales branch companies, over 100 agents and hundreds of thousands of retail terminals all over the world, conducting brand marketing and maintenance all over the world.