Our Members Enterprise

Our Members Enterprise


Hangzhou Chief Technology Co., Ltd.

The formulation, arrangement and overall management of the overall industrial strategy.


Chief International Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries in various countries

Overseas sales platform of the company, the core strength for realization of the company’s strategy.


SINO CONFO Group Co., Ltd. and its affiliated factories

Platform for development of natural medicines and healthcare products; a forerunner for traditional Chinese medicine, develops and produces CONFO health series products with natural peppermint essential oil as the core and other pure natural animal and plant extracts as supplements. Its products are inherited from traditional Chinese medicine culture and developed with modern technology. With its remarkable efficacy, wide application, unique shape, and year-round standby characteristics, it has been selling wildly in the West African market and has quickly become the number one brand in the industry.


Boxer Industrial Co., Ltd. and its affiliated factories

Development platform for environmentally-friendly household chemicals, the propeller of China’s advanced technology. Develops and produces a series of household daily chemicals with anti-mosquito and insecticide products as the core, and other disinfection, antibacterial and harmful products as supplements. Its innovative mosquito repellent product, plant fiber mosquito coil, uses modern technology to break through the huge damages to the environment caused by traditional mosquito coils that using carbon powder as it’s raw material, but our coils are developed with renewable plant fiber as it’s raw material. Because of its high quality, low price, health and environmental protection, and remarkable effects, it is widely welcomed by African people. Its BOXER, WAVETIDE, CONFUKING, SUPERKILL, and PAPOO have become a leading brands in the daily chemical industry in many places.


OOOLALA Food Industry Co., Ltd. and its affiliated factories

Development platform for healthy and delicious food, the disseminator of China’s food culture. Combines local traditional ingredients with Chinese flavors and focuses on snack foods; its three major brands, OOOLALA, CHEFOMA, and SALIMA respectively focus on beverages, puffed snacks and cake snacks, including brown rice rolls, puffed grains, and sachi. The exotic Chinese traditional snacks such as horses and sandwich biscuits have been praised by consumers once they have been launched and it’s demand is on the rise.