Confo Liquid (960)

  • Anti-fatigue confo liquide(960)

    Anti-fatigue confo liquide(960)

    CONFO LIQUIDE product have inherited the traditional Chinese herb culture & it is supplemented by modern technology.Which makes our business to spread to more than 30 countries & regions. Besides that, we have subsidiaries, R&D institutions & production bases in many parts of the world.

    The colour of the product is light green liquid, extracted from natural plants such as Camphor wood, mint et cetera. Current monthly production is 8,400,000 Pieces. With its specific smell, cool & spicy, the product has great effect on dispelling mosquitoes, relieving itches, cooling & relieving hurts. The prominent effects, wide applicability, unique external features & perennial usage makes it lead in the African Market, The United Sates of America Market, European Market & the Asian Market. Not only that but also being the leading brand in the industry.