Confo Anti-Pain Plaster

  • Anti-bone pain neck pain confo plaster stick

    Anti-bone pain neck pain confo plaster stick

    Confo anti pain plaster is a medicated pain relief plaster with anti-inflammatory action used to produce heat on undamaged skin. This product has inherited the traditional Chinese herbal medicine and are supplemented by modern technology. Confo anti pain relief is a brown yellow piece of plaster with fragrance odour. Promoting blood flow and relieving inflammation and easing pain. Also use for auxiliary treatment of traumatic injury, muscle strain, periarthritis, arthralagia, bone hyperplasia, muscle pain etc. The plaster is perforated evenly & the adhesive surface is protected with silicone paper. Ensures controlled release of pain-relief extracts for up to 24 hours. Hence, you do not need to keep re-applying. It doesn’t get peeled off under clothes. It is also used in rheumatic conditions, treatment of backaches, swelling of nerves, stiffness of muscle, swollen joints. Confo Anti Pain Plaster provides powerful efficacious pain relief in a plaster format.