Confo Oil

  • Anti-pain muscle headache confo yellow oil

    Anti-pain muscle headache confo yellow oil

    Confo Oil is a health maintenance product series made from pure natural animal and plant extractive developed by Sino Confo group. Product ingredients are mint oil, holly oil, camphor oil and cinnamon oil. The product is enriched with traditional Chinese herb culture and supplemented by modern technology. The best product selling on the market due the undeniable results achieved when customers use the product. Prominent effects, wide applicability, unique external features and perennial usage make it a success in west Africa. The product fulfil all your needs especially in the area of periarthritis, muscle pain, bone hyperplasia, lumber muscle strain, traumatic injury. Whether you suffer from acute pain or chronic pain, joint pain, sore muscles, sprains, back pain, chronic inflammation, or rheumatoid arthritis Confo oil might be the next thing you want to add to your pain management arsenal. Confo oil relief you of pain, stimulate blood and and relieve inflammation in the body