Confo Pommade

  • Cool & refreshing cream confo pommade

    Cool & refreshing cream confo pommade

    Dealing with pain and discomfort? You are not alone.

    Confo Pommade, your essential and sense of relief cream. The product has inherited Chinese herbal medicine and modern technology. Confo pommade is 100% natural; the product is extracted from camphora, mint and eucalyptus. The product active ingredients are made up of menthol, Camphora, Vaseline, methyl salicylate, eugenol, menthol oil. Camphor and menthol are counterirrantants. Counterirrants suppress the feeling of pain and relief you of any discomfort. The purpose of the product is to help relieve you of sprain pain, reduce swelling, dizziness, itchy skin and motion sickness. The product is also for relaxation, to soothe your muscles, refresh your energy and fast penetrating relief. The product super potent formula penetrates skin deeply to soothe pain in muscles and discomfort.