Confuking Insecticide Aerosol(300ml)

  • Anti-insect confuking insecticide aerosol spray

    Anti-insect confuking insecticide aerosol spray

    There are over 2,450 species of mosquitoes, & they are a health risk as well as an annoyance for both humans & dogs. To reduce this risk, Boxer Industrial Co., Ltd ventured into it by producing Multi-purpose Aerosol Insecticide Spray. The product inherited Chinese traditional culture & it is supplemented by modern technology. It is made of 1.1% Aerosol Insecticide, 0.3%Tetramethrin, 0.17% cypermethrin, & 0.63% S-bioallethrin. Using pyrethroid agents as effective ingredients, can effectively kill mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches (scientific name: Blattodea), ants, Milleipede, Dung Beetle & fleas. High quality, low price, health & environmental protection, & its remarkable effects, makes our business to spread to more than 30 countries & regions. Besides that, we have subsidiaries, R&D institutions & production bases in many parts of the world.