Insecticide Aerosol

  • Anti-insect boxer insecticide aerosol spray(300ml)

    Anti-insect boxer insecticide aerosol spray(300ml)

    Boxer Insecticide spray is a multipurpose insecticide spray that terminate mosquitoes and bugs in generals; cockroaches, ants, millepede, fly and dung beetle. The product uses pyrethroid agents as effective ingredients. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. Boxer Industrial Co. Limited develops and produces a series of household daily chemicals with anti-mosquito and insecticide products as the core and other disinfection, antibacterial, and harmful products as supplements. Because of its high quality, low price, health and environmental protection, and remarkable effects, it is widely welcomed, enjoy great population worldwide.

  • Anti-insect boxer insecticide aerosol spray (600ml )

    Anti-insect boxer insecticide aerosol spray (600ml )

    Boxer insecticide spray is a product designed by our R&D, green in color with a boxer design on the bottle which symbolizes Strength. It is made up of 1.1% insecticidal daerosol, 0.3% tetramethrin, 0.17% cypermethrin, 0.63% esbiothrin. With active chemical pyrethrinoid ingredients, it can control and prevent several insects (mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, ants, fleas, etc …) to engage in unwanted or destructive behavior. Available in two different sizes, including the small 300 ml bottle and the large 600 ml bottle, shake well before use, close the doors and windows, enter the room only 20 minutes after ventilation. Avoid exposing the product to high temperatures and always wash your hands after use

  • Anti-insect confuking insecticide aerosol spray

    Anti-insect confuking insecticide aerosol spray

    There are over 2,450 species of mosquitoes, & they are a health risk as well as an annoyance for both humans & dogs. To reduce this risk, Boxer Industrial Co., Ltd ventured into it by producing Multi-purpose Aerosol Insecticide Spray. The product inherited Chinese traditional culture & it is supplemented by modern technology. It is made of 1.1% Aerosol Insecticide, 0.3%Tetramethrin, 0.17% cypermethrin, & 0.63% S-bioallethrin. Using pyrethroid agents as effective ingredients, can effectively kill mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches (scientific name: Blattodea), ants, Milleipede, Dung Beetle & fleas. High quality, low price, health & environmental protection, & its remarkable effects, makes our business to spread to more than 30 countries & regions. Besides that, we have subsidiaries, R&D institutions & production bases in many parts of the world.

  • Alcoho free sanitizer boxer  disinfectant spray

    Alcoho free sanitizer boxer disinfectant spray

    Name: Boxer Disinfectant Spray

    Flavor: Lemon, Sanders, Lilac, Rose

    Packing Specifications: 300ml(12bottles) In One Carton

    Term Of Validity: 3 Years