Confo Liquid (1200)

  • Natural peppermint essential confo liquide 1200

    Natural peppermint essential confo liquide 1200

    Confo liquide is your essential oil and sense of refreshing relief . Confo liquide is a health product series that center natural mint oil and it’s supplemented by other products made from natural animal and plant extract. These products have inherited the traditional Chinese herb culture and are supplement by modern Chinese technology. Confo liquide is 100% natural, extracted from camphor wood, mint, camphor, eucalyptus, cinnamon and menthol. The purpose of the product is for relaxation and to soothe your muscles, refresh your energy, motion sickness, loose your nose stuck, anti mosquito &mosquito bite, relieve headache & toothache. Prominent effects, wide applicability, unique external features and perennial usage make it a big hit in west Africa. The product natural mint fragrance makes it pleasant to the body and nose.