Wavetide Mosquito Coil

  • Wavetide natural fiber mosquito coil

    Wavetide natural fiber mosquito coil

    Wavetide Paper coil is plant fiber mosquito coil, uses modern technology to break through the huge damage to the environment caused by traditional mosquito coils using carbon powder as raw material and is developed with renewable plant fiber as raw material. Due to the product high quality, low price, health and environmental protection, and remarkable effects, it has become highly recommended in the African market. Boxer Industrial Company limited , the manufacture of Wavetide paper coil develops and produces a series of household daily chemicals with anti mosquito and insecticide products as the core and other disinfection. Wavetide paper coil uses modern technology with renewable plant fibre as raw material which makes it unbreakable. High quality mosquito coil with affordable price, environment friendly and long lasting burn. The plant fiber mosquito coil is easily divided, ignited, do not dirty your hands after use, no loss in transportation, non breakable and smokeless. Wavetide Fiber mosquito coil is effective at repelling mosquitoes and prevent reducing mosquito bites.