1.What is the company MOQ?

we dont have minimum order quantity request,because in most of the country, we have our warehouse or agent, any quantity your need,we can send to you.

But, if you want to customize your products with your brand ,you must at least buy a container of 20 HQ

2.Why our mosquito coil is nature fiber plant materials?

Our coil, usually customer call it as “paper coil”, compared with the traditional black carbon coil, our coil are environmental, unbreakable, easy transportation.

3.why our mosquito coil product doesn’t have a stand inside ?

In the world mosquito coil market, all the stand is made by iron metal, iron is a non-rerenewable resouce in earth. We cancel it for saving resouce. Moreover, stand is shape, it has the risk of kid injury.

4.What is the difference between CONFO liquid 960 and CONFO liquid 1200 ?

it's the same product ,the only difference is just in the packaging. the CONFO liquid 960 is packed in a hanger but the CONFO 1200 is packed by paper box.

5.what is the difference between CONFO balm and CONFO pommade?

CONFO pommade help to relieve you of sprain pain, reduce swelling, itchy skin and motion sickness but CONFO balm relieve pain,like bone pain,back pain,should pain and etc.