Confo Superbar

  • Refreshning confo inhaler superbar

    Refreshning confo inhaler superbar

    Confo Superbar is a type of inhaler made from traditional animal and plant extractive. Product composition is made of menthol, eucalyptus oil and borneol. The product has inherited the traditional Chinese herb culture and is supplemented by modern technology. This composition distinguish Confo Super bar from other products on the market. The product has a mint fragrance and gives pleasant smell to the nose. Confo Superbar helps relieve you of headache, fatigue, anxiety, motion sickness, hypoxia, air sickness, stuffy nose, discomfort, dizziness. The product weighs 1g with 6 different colors, there are 6 pieces on a hanger, 48 pieces in a box and 960 pieces in a carton. Confo Superbar continues to be the best selling product in the Africa market. Choose Confo Superbar as your choice of relief.