anti-broken papoo home use adhesive super glue(gel 3.5)

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Product Name: STRONG GLUE

Package detail: 192pcs per carton

OPapoo Air Freshenerutside carton m easurement: 368 X 130X 170 mm

Net Weight Per Pcs: 3.5g

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Papoo Super Glue (Gel 3.5g)

Papoo Strong glue gel is a super glue offering high bonding power. Papoo strong glue has shown superior performance over ordinary glue. The glue works faster and holds stronger on more surfaces than ordinary instant adhesives. The gel formula works on a variety of porous and non-porous surfaces and is ideal for vertical surfaces and small gaps. Quick-setting gel adhesives allow for gluing vertical surfaces without a drippy mess. Suitable for various materials like wood, leather, rubber, ebonite, metal and all kinds of materials. Due to its high strength and quick set time Papoo strong glue has become the go to glue for household projects. Developed for long lasting repairs, the clear glue dries super fast in 10-45 seconds.


Main Features

Product comes in a small tube

Ideal for fast repairs and smooth surfaces

Quick, strong bond.

Excellent long lasting results due to high and cold resistance


Rotate rubber cover until impaling the metal tube. Turn on rubber cover and then apply. Clean and dry the surface of bonding. Drop some glue on the surface and press it quickly.

Outside paper carton can be used as a display hanger.


The product has high bonding strength. During the use, if on your hands, do not pull skin apart, wash with warm water, and rub lightly. Please seal it after using. Please store in a cool and dry place.

Package Details



Carton size:368mm*130*170

20feet container: 4000cartons

40feet container:8200cartons


Papoo strong glue has become the go to glue for household projects.

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