Boxer industrial (Mali) ltd lauch black mosquito coil

Mali, a West African country, has been facing a persistent problem of insect-borne diseases for many years. Malaria is one of the most deadly diseases, causing significant morbidity and mortality among the population. In an effort to combat this issue, boxer industrial ltd  has recently implemented an black coil factory in the country.

boxer  industrial ltd located in bamako, with a  monthly production of 10 X 40HQ container  is designed to produce mosquito coil -treated mosquito nets, which have been proven to be an effective intervention against malaria. The factory will manufacture these nets locally, thereby reducing the cost and increasing accessibility to the population.

The factory has been built in collaboration with the Malian government and international organizations, who have provided technical and financial support for the project. The factory will not only create employment opportunities for the local population but will also improve the economic development of the region.

The mosquito black  coil factory will use modern technology to produce high-quality mosquito nets that meet international standards. The factory will also prioritize environmental sustainability by using eco-friendly withproduction processes and minimizing waste. The mosquito coil factory will have a positive impact on the environment, as it will help reduce the number of insecticides that are released into the environment.

The Malian government has expressed its support for the coil  factory and has emphasized the importance of public-private partnerships in addressing public health issues. The government has also acknowledged the potential of our factory to improve the standard of living of the population and contribute to poverty reduction.

In conclusion, the implementation of the mosquito coil factory in Mali is a significant step towards improving public health and economic development in the country. The production of mosquito coil-treated mosquito nets will help reduce the burden of malaria, a disease that has plagued the country for many years. The government and private sector collaboration in this project will create employment opportunities and boost the economic development of the region.

Post time:Apr-27-2023
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