Chief Technology: Innovation and development energize Africa

In West Africa, there is a “God’s medicine to the poor”, “CONFO” named peppermint oil products. This “miracle medicine” is inherited from the culture of traditional Chinese medicine and developed with modern science and technology. To some extent, it has reduced the suffering of local people who lack medical services and medicines, and it has caused a stir. The manufacturer of this “miracle medicine” is Chief Technology.

In 2001, with the small dream of “making money to build a good house” in rural areas, the founder of Chief technology Xie Wenshuai began to travel to Africa. After nearly 22 years of experience, Chief Technology’s business model in Africa has been upgraded from simple trade to local industrial investment. Its products cover daily chemicals, health, food and other fields. Its CONFO, BOXER,PAPOO and other brands have become well-known brands in the local industry, with business network covering more than 10 countries and regions in Africa. Directly and indirectly, tens of thousands of people are employed.

In the plant mosquito repellent factory put into production in West Africa, Chief Technology adopts the high pressure pulp manufacturing technology to produce the innovative mosquito repellent product – “plant fiber mosquito repellent”, which is developed by taking the renewable plant fiber extracted from the local waste newspaper as the raw material. It not only reduces the deforestation of forests, but also makes a contribution to the local environmental protection through waste utilization.

It should be said that Chief Technology takes the concept of sustainable development as the premise, serves and meets the actual needs of local consumers as the basis, focuses on innovative product technology and function mining, brings inexpensive and high-quality products to local people, and brings new vitality and improvement to the local industrial technology in Africa. Figures show that Chief technology has completed the registration of more than 20 related trademarks and patents in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, and the international advanced brand marketing concept, model and local market characteristics combined, in more than 10 countries in Africa to set up direct sales branch, more than 100 agents and tens of thousands of retail terminals.

2023 Year of the Rabbit Spring Festival is approaching, Chief headquarters with all overseas staff, wish our global customers a happy New Year and all the best.

Post time: Jan-18-2023